• Clark Russo
    I will lend to you for awhile
    a puppy, God said,
    For you to love him while he lives
    and to mourn for him when he is gone.
    Maybe for twelve or fourteen years,
    or maybe for two or three.
    But will you, till I call him back
    take care of him for me?

    He’ll bring his charms to gladden you
    and (should his stay be brief)
    you’ll always have his memories
    as solace for your grief.
    I cannot promise that he will stay,
    since all from earth return,
    But there are lessons taught below
    I want this pup to learn.

    I’ve looked the whole world over
    in search of teachers true
    And from the folk that crowd life’s land
    I have chosen you.
    Now will you give him all your love
    Nor think the labour vain
    Nor hate me when I come to take my pup back again.
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  • Fiacre Pichette
    God, our Healer, we thank you for taking care of us and our pets each day. I know of the incredible miracles that Jesus performed. This is why I come before you asking for you to help heal my dog. I know you have the power to set it free of its troubling ailment. This dog cannot tell me what exactly the problem is, but I know that you are aware of what problem is. Almighty God, I ask you to give good health to my friend so that he may be whole again. My dog has always been with me in both good and bad times.
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  • Fiacre Pichette
    Dear Lord, as the saying goes, “Dogs are a man’s best friend.” They keep us company in the lowest points of our lives. They celebrate with us during the happiest moments of our lives. They bark when we get home from school or work, because they’ve missed us. They never fail to let us know that they’re happy by getting very excited about the most simple things. Dogs are our little protectors. Dogs provide us with joy, happiness, and companionship. They lift up our spirits and make us smile. I pray that people will continue to appreciate the companionship that their dogs provide. They are one of the most amazing animals on Earth. For as long as history can remember, dogs have always been a huge part of our lives.
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